About us

Trial CreoStat HB is a company with the vision to make statistical programs easy to use and available at reasonable prices. The intention is to encourage and make it easier for small companies, students and researchers to apply statistical thinking and methods. Much effort has been made to create an intuitive interface demanding as few steps as possible for an analysis. However, a basic understanding of statistical concepts like hypothesis testing and confidence interval is necessary to use the programs.

Due to a wide range of statistical procedures, both statisticians by profession and non-statisticians with knowledge of the most common statistical methods, may find the software useful. As well as using it as a stand-alone software it may be a good complement to the software used for the statistical analyses.

The focus has been on the planning of studies, surveys or other situations where statistical analyses of the collected data will be performed. Another focus has been on calculating common tests and confidence intervals when the complete dataset is not available. If summary statistics, e.g. means, medians, standard deviations etc. are known, it will sometimes be possible to calculate p-values and confidence intervals based on these. This situation occurs frequently in publications of research results where a particular p-value or a confidence interval may be missing.

CreoStat HB started in 1990 as a statistical consulting firm and with a development of statistical software. Within the company there is a large experience of statistics in pharmaceutical drug development and interactions with authorities.

Other Software by CreoStat HB:

Trial StudySize is a Windows application for calculating the sample size needed in a study, survey, or experiment. It can be used to study a range of scenarios when the plan is to test, give an estimate, or calculate a confidence interval for the parameter of interest. It comprises a wide range of procedures and give examples how to perform the calculations for most of them in a separate document. The results are presented as tables or graphs and summarized in text to be copied and pasted into slides or other documents.

CREOSTAT HB, Enbarsvagen 11, 42655 V.Frolunda, Sweden, email: mail@studyresult.com